Frequently asked questions

1. What are GkPs?

Earn GkPs (Geek Points) while surfing on Geekmemore!
The GkPs you earn are accumulated over a whole season (one season equals three months).
Once the season is over, all the members' points are reset.
GkPs are used to rank users according to the number of points they have earned, they can also be spent in the online shop to buy custom profiles or to raise a bid and win prizes during auctions!
The ranking board is updated once a day at 08:00 AM (UTC).
In order to be on the ranking board, members must have logged in within the last 15 days.

2. How do I earn GkPs?

Earn GkPs (Geek Points) while surfing on Geekmemore!

Here is how to proceed in order to earn GkPs:

  • Send a message = 1 GkP / day
  • Read an article on the news feed = 1 GkP / per website / day
  • Log in = 2 GkPs / day
  • Visit a profile = 1 GkP / day
  • Perform a search = 1 GkP / day

3. Why is my profile picture systematically rejected?

Profile pictures must imperatively respect the following criteria, otherwise they will be rejected:
  • You must be alone and clearly identifiable in the picture
  • Your face must be entirely visible and the picture should not be significantly altered or photoshopped
  • The picture will be rejected if it is pornographic or racist

4. What if I want to upload pictures that are not of me (for instance my level 70 demon hunter)?

If you wish to upload pictures, avatars or other stuff that you like, you can use the extra image gallery.
(You need to have at least one valid profile picture to access the image gallery).

5. Are there fake profiles on your website?

Firstly we do not in any case create fake profiles on our website. The only profile that is not a real person is the Geekmemore account that is used by the staff to communicate with the members.

What is a fake profile?

A fake profile is a profile created by a malicious user whose aim is to cause you damage (fraud, advance-fee scam, etc.).

How do you handle them?

Geekmemore's moderation team is doing everything in their power to neutralize and delete fake profiles as quickly as possible. They usually are taken down within the 5 minutes following their creation.

6. What should I do if I suspect a profile is fake?

If you think you have encountered a fake profile, you can use the 'Report an abuse' feature and explain to us the reasons you have to suspect this profile. We will process your request as quickly as possible.

7. I am having a problem with a user, what should I do?

If you want to prevent a user from contacting you, you can choose to block him/her by clicking on the 'Block' tab on his/her profile. This person won't be able to see your profile or message you anymore.
Beforehand, if you think this user's behavior is inappropriate, you can use the 'Report an abuse' feature on his/her profile.

8. How do I manage my subscription?

You can manage your subscription by clicking on the 'subscription' tab in the user menu (at the top right corner of the screen).

9. How do I delete my account and all associated data?

In the user menu at the top right corner of the screen, click on 'my account'.

10. Can I change my username?

Once you have selected a username during your registration on, you cannot change it anymore. If you wish to change your username, you will have to create a new account.

11. Since you are a geek dating website, don't you think it's about time you built a mobile app?

The app is currently under development and will very soon allow you to stay connected in every situation!

12. The user I was talking to was banned, why?

In most cases, users are banned on account of spamming and/or suspicion of scamming.
We advise you to be very careful if someone suggests to take your discussion to a platform other than the website.

13. I have registered on the website a few days ago and still nobody has come to talk to me, why?

Don’t panic!
Have you uploaded a profile picture? Have you filled out your profile? Have you contacted other users? Go on and play the game, visit profiles and send messages to the users that catch your attention!
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